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Dilmi is a self realised coach from Sri Lanka who lost all meaning she had in life ten years ago after a breakup that started her on a spiritual journey. 


She has been practicing meditation and all kinds of spiritual modalities in order to find freedom from suffering. Sometimes opening her eyes in the middle of meditation in deep despair, feeling like nothing was really helping.


Realizing the truth became her obsession and during an intensive practice period for one month, practicing from morning till night the self inquiry teaching of enlightened masters, she finally broke through her mental conditioning and realized the dream-like nature of existence in which is completely indescribable.

She experienced the complete oneness of everything and everyone. Since then she has been supporting conscious souls on realizing who they are so they can live a fully awakened life.

Her clients come from all over the world and from all backgrounds and are often long term spiritual seekers who have been looking for answers for decades until come across Dilmi's profound teachings.

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