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Dear conscious woman

Do you sometimes feel lonely, rejected and not good enough even though you are practicing meditation, listen to spiritual talks and receive coaching?

You know the bliss, love and peace that comes from connecting to your true self but it is hard to maintain that level of consciousness in everyday life?

You are not alone. This is how many women on the spiritual path feel like and I felt the exact same way.

Even after many years of practicing meditation I still felt often anxious, angry and chronically unsatisfied.

Everything changed once I found an amazing teacher who guided me deeply into myself and facilitated a profound awakening for me.

Life became better than my wildest dreams as I found what I had always been looking for.


This inspired me to help other conscious women who are on the same path to realize the infinite love of their true nature.

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For a limited time: Book your free 1:1 coaching session for realizing the infinite love of your true nature

I won't be offering the free trial 1:1 coaching session for much longer. I am happy to reserve a spot for you if you book today though as I have a couple spots left.

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Client Transformation Stories

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Sharing my awakening story on the Oliver Schirach Show

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