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Story time !!! ♥️

There was this one king who fell asleep and woke up suddenly. 😳

And he looked really confused and upset and the assistants around him asked what was wrong with the king? 😐🤔

And the king said when he was sleeping he had a dream that he was a butterfly. 🦋

And as butterfly he was flying flower to flower.

And the butterfly went to a leaf and fell asleep.

And then assistants asked Wow that is such a beautiful dream !!! and what's there to be confused about?

The king said something really interesting.

📌”I'm not sure whether I'm the king who dreamt of this butterfly or am I the butterfly who is dreaming of a king”

-End of the story-

I know it’s mind twisting. But it says it all.

Did you get it? 😏😉

I hope you did 😊

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