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What’s the connection between Tarot cards and Enlightenment. 🤔

Honestly Tarot cards can completely distract you on your spiritual journey. 😱


Because in this path you need to completely rely on your own Intuition.


More you give your power away to anything more it can distract you and make you feel lost.

Path towards enlightenment you need to completely rely on yourself and your inner guiding system.

I’ve seen many people relying on Tarot cards and completely getting lost in this path as you cannot rely on someone else’s intuition.

I have never heard someone saying I’ve got enlighten thanks to Tarot cards. So yeah. That’s the truth.

Best way is to Always listen to your heart as it knows the way. Never give your power away. Empower yourself.

Be your own guiding system. That’s how I walked the path and also many other awaken ones. ♥️

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